One of the awesome feature of WordPress is Post formats. This would be the easiest method for someone who is new to WordPress. All of the designers and developers, those people who are building and creating a website, they want to have pages that can be optimized for any of the specific user features. I now think making those pages was a waste of time, but when we did it, we had 30-some items nested under the “Services” page.

  • Installing via FTP
  • Joomla has a slightly smaller support and help community than WordPress
  • Using the Azure DevOps (Git) service to host the code and create a pipeline (CI/CD)
  • Load time – 3.28 s
  • On the cpanel find the group of icons labled “File Management” and click on “File Manager”
  • In the top navigation bar, click on More Services → Databases
  • Choose The Right Password and Change It Often

The SEO title is the clickable headline that is displayed in the search engine page. Then, after doing lots and lots of testing, I discovered that it naturally ranked in the search engines like Google and Yahoo at the drop of a hat. The first time I ever built a site, I had no idea what I was doing. I had a general idea that I wanted to rank well in the search engines, but I didn’t know how – not at all!

There are quite a few reasons WordPress sites and blogs rank well in the search engines. If your theme is SEO friendly then it will support other and rest of the SEO specific features as well like Dublin Core, microformats. It is one of the tops and must-have features which any corporate theme should possess! You can try out the versions of WordPress 3.4. These versions encompass live theme customized options on them so that you can quickly make changes and preview them simultaneously at the same time. WP Sweep performs WordPress delete commands on data so there is no orphaned data left behind as in the case of the other two plugins which run MYSQL queries.

There are ways of updating your website that involve archiving or storing your data in order by the date it was written. First of all, social media are easy traps set by hackers to get information. For that reason, wordpress site slow maybe don’t go off creating a “Product” custom post type when you could just use WooCommerce and get all those goodies for free.

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