Family Business History

Zammit Butcher has been established since 1895, for four generations it has been run by family members; the oldest being Antonio. The business was then inherited by one of his sons, Lorenzo (Wenzu). His nickname within the community of the Maltese farmers and at the slaughterhouse was Wenzu tal-Kalkara. It is to note that this nickname is still being used although 3 generations passed.

Lorenzo had his business in Vittoriosa (Birgu) and afterwards he started to operate from Kalkara. Unfortunately, Lorenzo had an accident whereby his activity in the meat industry had to stop. The operation of the two meat shops was passed onto his elder son Joseph known as Joe and his other son Paul known as Pawlu.

Joe started in Vittoriosa and Paul took the Kalkara business. After a few years, Joe and Paul swapped: Joe came to Kalkara while Paul went to Vittoriosa. The Vittoriosa shop had to close the doors some years ago after Paul passed away while the business in Kalkara is still ongoing thanks to the esteemed clientele who always supported this family business. After Joe and his wife Lonza passed away, their children took over the shop.