Sometimes in the meat industry, one can find a vast variety of prices. In most circumstances when cheap prices are offered, one has to take great attention to the quality that is being bought. Our priority is always given to the quality and not the price. It will be too late when buying cheap meat products because one will only realize after cooking!!
So yes Quality is our Priority and it comes first.

We only sell genuine fresh local chicken coming from Maltese poultry producers.

We offer only the best grade A1 Maltese pork coming from Koperattiva ta’ min irabbi l-Majjal Ltd. Malta to ascertain the quality.

We also offer imported Beef from Brasil, Argentina and Ireland. The Lamb that we sell comes from New Zealand, which is the best country for the production of lamb.

The main reason that we do not calculate prices online is that it will not always be possible to have the accurate weight requested, so prices may vary accordingly. We do not want to add extra hidden charges to cover the difference in weight.
Despite all this, you can always request a quotation before placing your order at the Checkout  Section Notes or through Facebook Messenger.

You can choose different ways to input your desired quantity, either by :
• weight (g/kg)
• pieces/slices
• specify any other custom request

You can place an order:
• through our online store
• send a message on Facebook messenger – Zammit Butcher Kalkara
• call or send SMS on 99478613
• call on 21/27 807714

You will not be able to pay for your order from the website.

After completing the order and checking out with a valid account, we will contact you as soon as the order will be ready.  We are accepting:

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Bank Transfer
  • BovPay (99478613)
  • Revolut (99478613)

Sign in with your account and you can follow your order being processed.
As soon as it will be ready, you will receive an email confirming that the order is ready to be picked up/delivered. We might also give you a call.

Yes, we do home deliveries, anywhere on the island.

Normally it might take up to a maximum of 2 days, but this depends if any custom made orders are requested. The buyer will be contacted and informed accordingly.

KALKARA – FREE DELIVERY, on any amount spent
ANY OTHER LOCALITY - FREE DELIVERY if you spend over €25